52 Weeks of Drinks QUIZ

So, I need you to focus, people.  I know there are literally THOUSANDS of you who kept up with our 52 Weeks of Drinks -and now it is up to you to win a PRIZE!  That is right.  A prize.

The first person who answers the most (or all) of these questions correctly will win a new and unused Brookstone  Digital Cocktail Guide!  (Here is the picture to prove I have it!

1. Name the restaurant that served us a drink that tasted like a bathtub.

2. Where did we drink our favorite Bloody Mary?

3. Name the one chocolate drink we tasted.

4. Who is featured in the most pictures on our 52 Weeks Posts?

a)  Alison
b)  Ashley
c)  The Bartenders (collectively)

5. Name the destinations (not people’s homes!) other than Atlanta that we blogged about for 52 Weeks of Drinks.   (and no, Chili’s in Dalton is not one of the answers.)

6. What restaurant/bar did we rate twice?

7. Name one of the two couples who rated for us while we were out of town.

8. Name two couples who joined us in rating for 52 Weeks (first names will do obviously)

9. What couple joined us at a restaurant after finding out we were going there through Facebook?

10. What bar/restaurant (that we rated) has the bacon infused rye whiskey?

11. What the hell made us do this?

Please email the answers to Ashley by going to to the “About Us” page and looking for her email address there. (Sorry, I don’t want to get spammed.)   Good luck, readers!  And DO NOT post your answers under “comments!”

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