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Do Dad’s Garage

Have you been? Have you ever spent an evening at Dad’s Garage?  Well, you should go.  We spent Friday night there enjoying the seasonal play, “Invasion: Christmas Carol” where a human dressed as a hotdog came onto stage in many scenes during the classic play to mess with the actors.  Delightful.

Oh, it seems they need some volunteers.  And who doesn’t want to get laid?

Random Sale

This yard sale included lots of comics, many “black face” porcelain items, and oh, you can rent the church as well!

Head on down to Memorial and Moreland for more info.

We’re Back!!!!

We have been gone a while – but alas, we are back and ready to talk all things Atl…like trash, graffiti, abandoned dogs, and of course fun things.

Baby Jesus On Dekalb Ave

Thanks to my good friend and photographer, Matt Wilder, for taking this fabulous picture.  Not only is “Baby Jesus” along Dekalb Avenue, but there are lots of stuffed animals attached to “crosses” as well on Dekalb near the Krog Tunnel.  God, I love that tunnel and the crazy ass art there.  Go check it out.


Loss Cat Is Back

Since I have lived in Atlanta, the Loss Cat posters have been a big part of this city.  I remember noticing a lot of them in the early 2000’s – especially in and around Cabbagetown.  I have never called the number on the flyer – well, mainly, because I never found Speckles the Loss Cat.

This past week, the flyers popped up again in and around the Oakhurst area.  I finally decided to “Google” this and have now become a “friend of loss cat” on Facebook.  Who would have known.  It seems that Loss Cat fliers have made it around the United States and into a coffee table book.  Who made that buck I wonder?  Either way, Freckles, I hope you are no longer loss.

I Just Had To

I will not excuse my actions here.  I do not take photos in homes for sale often when with clients – but I could not help myself with this one.  No need to know who, what, when, or where – just know that this home was for sale and that this object was on display in the home.  Let me just say one thing to sellers out there.  Please put up things like this as to not scare away buyers.

Human Hair is Expensive

I find this all very interesting.  Wonder who these Indian women are who gave their hair up and how much did they get paid to do it?

52 Weeks of Drinks QUIZ

So, I need you to focus, people.  I know there are literally THOUSANDS of you who kept up with our 52 Weeks of Drinks -and now it is up to you to win a PRIZE!  That is right.  A prize.

The first person who answers the most (or all) of these questions correctly will win a new and unused Brookstone  Digital Cocktail Guide!  (Here is the picture to prove I have it!

1. Name the restaurant that served us a drink that tasted like a bathtub.

2. Where did we drink our favorite Bloody Mary?

3. Name the one chocolate drink we tasted.

4. Who is featured in the most pictures on our 52 Weeks Posts?

a)  Alison
b)  Ashley
c)  The Bartenders (collectively)

5. Name the destinations (not people’s homes!) other than Atlanta that we blogged about for 52 Weeks of Drinks.   (and no, Chili’s in Dalton is not one of the answers.)

6. What restaurant/bar did we rate twice?

7. Name one of the two couples who rated for us while we were out of town.

8. Name two couples who joined us in rating for 52 Weeks (first names will do obviously)

9. What couple joined us at a restaurant after finding out we were going there through Facebook?

10. What bar/restaurant (that we rated) has the bacon infused rye whiskey?

11. What the hell made us do this?

Please email the answers to Ashley by going to to the “About Us” page and looking for her email address there. (Sorry, I don’t want to get spammed.)   Good luck, readers!  And DO NOT post your answers under “comments!”

Some Final Thoughts on 52 Weeks of Drinks

It has taken us almost a month to summarize our 52 Weeks of Drinks.  Put it this way, as much as we enjoyed our adventures, we probably gained 5 pounds each and we were both ready for it to end.

We tasted (drank) over 100 different cocktails and went to over 50 different restaurants / bars.  We had some pretty crappy cocktails and some really fabulous cocktails.  Our absolute favorite cocktails came from- and yes, it is a tie – Abattoir and Holeman & Finch The precision of which these cocktails were made – and the fresh ingredients that were used (homemade and all) seriously put them over the top.

Runner’s up include Top Flr and Sound Table where Nate and Paul did us right.  I still have a bit of a crush on Nate – Precious! (and no, that is not Nate above although he was cute too.)

Our favorite Master of Mixology was Callie from Shaun’s (now closed!).  We have learned since that Callie worked with a number of our favorite places on their drinks menus and worked with a number of the other craft bartenders.  We think she rocks – and we are sure she will be a great nurse!  Too bad she is leaving the mixing world.

Our next post will be a quiz for our fabulous readers.  We are asking questions that will all come from our year long adventure from 52 Weeks of Drinks.  Whoever gets the most right – meaning – whoever really paid attention to 52 Weeks – wins a Brookstone Digital Cocktail Guide! 

Again, we tasted some seriously wonderful drinks – and could rave about many of you…Thanks so much for making Atlanta such an amazing cocktail haven!


Brutus and Little Girl love to be photographed with anything.